Barefoot Running Shoes

The term ‘barefoot running’ doesn’t just pertain to running without shoes, but more specifically to how your foot strikes the ground. Next time you’re running with and without shoes, pay attention to the way your foot hits the floor during both exercises. When barefoot running, your body auto corrects so the runner lands on the balls of their feet instead of running heel to toe which often eliminates the jarring impact that can occur when the heel hits the ground first.

Wearing minimalist running shoes allows the foot to function freely and more naturally. Similarly, toe socks provide this same component. Ultra Sport ToeSox work best for barefoot running because the five toe design lets the toes separate naturally for more tactile movement within the minimalist running shoes. Additionally, while barefoot running you’re in a better position to sense terrain changes, and alter your foot falls accordingly.

Features of Ultra Sport ToeSox that make them the best for barefoot running shoes include:

  • Moisture wicking– made with Cocona® for superior moisture management
  • Eliminate friction between toes that cause blisters
  • Five toe design supports natural alignment of foot for better tactile movement and increased circulation

The best barefoot running shoes should be light weight, very flexible, have thin soles, and are foot shaped. Wearing toe socks in the barefoot running shoe allow the toes to stay aligned while also preventing moisture and friction between the toes that can cause blisters. Barefoot running shoes like, Vibram FiveFingers with the five toe design, need toe socks for moisture wicking and comfort. ToeSox running toe socks pair well inside these minimalist running shoes that fit your foot like a glove. Those who wear barefoot running shoes, review ToeSox, like Jerry C. from Ohio who says, “they fit perfectly and work really well with my Vibram FiveFingers shoes."