Barre class with barre toe socksBarre Socks

ToeSox with Grip are the best Barre Socks:

  • Five toe socks allow toes to align for increased balance
  • Patented non-slip sole provides superior grip on slick surfaces
  • Hygienic alternative to bare feet
  • Arch band on Low Rise and Ankle provides gentle pressure to lift and support
  • Well defined heel cup prevents bunching and twisting

Barre methods combine the focus of yoga, the core of Pilates and the ballet barre to reach the hard to tone parts of the body. In class, shoes come off and pure barre socks go on so the feet and body can move naturally and more fluidly. ToeSox pure barre socks with patented non slip soles help secure foot placement and prevent slipping. Additionally, these pure barre socks are a hygienic alternative to bare feet and help prevent the spreading of dirt, germs and possible foot infections, like athlete’s foot. ToeSox pure barre socks come in an array of colors and stripes so your pure barre socks can match your workout outfit.