Yoga Unites: How To Cultivate Connection

Yoga is more than stretches and flexibility (although you’ll certainly uncover more bendiness with time). The word yoga means “to yoke” (or unite). A consistent yoga practice helps you connect with your Self through movement, breath and stillness so you can better unite with everything else – your community, the earth, the universe.


Connecting with other beings is a crucial part of Life. Healthy relationships enhance our mood and bring us joy. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most extroverted being or a self-proclaimed hermit, the heart longs for connection. That’s part of the reason why yoga class feels so good. Yes, the vinyasa flows and strength-building poses give us the physical benefits we seek, but the shared energy inside the room is another amazing benefit we get from going to yoga. Connecting with our yoga mat neighbors is a reminder that we’re all in this together. A simple smile, whispered greeting or paired Ujayi breathing creates a powerful connection – an undeniable energy.


So imagine being among hundreds of yogis for a weekend of celebration, practice and learning? The Yoga Conference is an annual yoga event in Toronto that delivers the best classes, workshops and instructors to the yoga community, and ToeSox is proud to be part of the action every year.


The Yoga Conference weekend is an opportunity to connect. By immersing yourself in a pool of like-minded people, like at The Yoga Conference, you nurture your passion and promote bliss within yourself. It’s like refueling your tank. When you return home you bring with you more awareness to Self, which allows you to connect further to everything else.


To make the most of The Yoga Conference experience or another community-filled event, try to incorporate the following:

  1. Make new friends. Don’t be shy, you could make someone’s day by taking the time to say hi and introduce yourself.
  2. Try something new. It’s easy to stick to what you know. Instead, get outside your comfort zone by taking a new class or learn from a new instructor.
  3. Seek culture. Expand your knowledge and understanding through cultural opportunities like meditations or demonstrations that offered.
  4. Get loud. Music and sound puts out vibrations that connect us to one another. Make sure you sing or chant along.
  5. Let it go. The best way to get the most out of your experience is to let go of inhibitions and expectations. Sway, dance, jump, flow, sweat and have fun!

As with anything, the feelings may dwindle which is why you must keep the fire stoked. Take what you learn from your weekend away and apply it immediately to life at home. Keep up with your yoga practice and continue seeking out and offering back to your community what you loved most at The Yoga Conference.




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