Slackline yoga flip flop toe socks

Flip Flop Socks

Rock your ToeSox as flip flop socks:

  • Five toe socks allow toes to align for increased balance
  • Funky, fun style
  • Perfect for coming and going from Pilates/yoga class
  • Arch band provides gentle pressure to lift and support
  • Comfort and ease of flip flops on a cold day

It’s cold so you’re wearing socks. You want to run outside, run to the store or head to Pilates class so you put your flip flops on, cramming the toe post into the sock. It’s not very attractive and it’s very uncomfortable. Next time grab flip flop toe socks. Flip socks like ToeSox give each toe its own pocket so the toes still have the freeing feeling that flip flops provide. The design of the five toe flip flop socks help align toes and encourage them to spread which is like exercise for your feet™.

Pair your flip flops with one of the many colors of ToeSox flip flop socks for funky, fun, convenient style.