Hiking Socks

Ultra Sport MediumWeight ToeSox for hiking socks:Eric Orton hiking trail in toe socks

  • Cushion sole from heel to tip toes that comforts foot during impact and various terrain
  • Moisture wicking hiking socks made with Perf Dry for superior moisture management
  • Eliminate friction between toes that cause blisters
  • Secure welt band keeps debris from getting into socks
  • Five toe hiking socks allow toes to align for increased circulation

Ah, the great outdoors! Getting out into the fresh air to appreciate the hills and terrain of nature can be an exhilarating experience. Hiking is an excellent form of exercise and a great hobby. It’s important to be prepared for the trails you trek by grabbing the right gear, including hiking socks. Whether buying hiking socks for men or hiking socks for women, the best hiking socks should be comfortable, wick moisture, support your natural posture, keep your feet at a good temperature, distribute pressure, and promote circulation. The original ULTRA Sport ToeSox (no grip) with Perf Dry are ideal hiking socks since they offer the components needed to support your feet. Crew length hiking socks available for hiking boots.

Those who wear hiking socks, review ToeSox, like Dave F. who said after a snowy hike, “Going back to regular socks is like going back to non HDTV…I just can't do it. I did find the errant hiking socks before last Saturday's trek and had that "freedom factor" once again.”