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Huffington Post Healthy Living - 6 Awesome Yoga Products You've Never Heard Of | May 2013
"I've gotten compliments on them every time I wear them in class."

Fit Bottomed Girls - Go "Barre" | April 2013
"We’re such suckers for Mary-Jane style anything, so Mary-Jane socks that are designed for workouts? Um, yes, please!"

Examiner - Chic Fitness Accesories | January 2013
"A godsend for yogis, Pilates princesses and barre lovers, these innovative organic cotton socks have a patented non-slip sole that grips on slick surfaces."


MSN FitBie - The Best Gifts for Every Fitness Fanatic | December 2012
"If toe socks and leg warmers made a baby, this is what we imagine their adorable offspring would look like."

Alignyo Holiday Gift Guide | December 2012

FitSugar | November 2012
"Cozy ToeSox Knee-High Scrunch Socks ($16) are a perfect gift for any barre buff."

Breaking Muscle | November 2012
"With a quality fabric to keep feet dry and the added performance of the five-digit design, the consumer is less likely to experience moisture and rubbing during activity that can lead to blisters..."

Toe Salad | October 2012
"Toe Sox has the style, the comfort, and the moisture control without sacrificing durability."

TriEdge | September 2012
"I refuse to hike in any other kind of sock now! I was completely blister free and enjoyed totally dry feet the whole day."

Pilates Fitness Reiki NYC | September 2012
"After a few days of acclimation these are now our favorite go-to comfort sandals."

Birthday Shoes | September 2012
"The Perf Dry [UltraSport ToeSox] is soft and comfortable against the skin and the Ultralites stretch and are easy to pull on."

Still Here blog | August 2012
"My big toe doesn't work like it should and the rest of my toes were curling and scrunching together. Then I got my Five Toe Sandals!"

Yoga Journal | May 2012
Style Section "Imagine if all purveyors of finery donated to cause they believe in" - featuring Buy One Give One campaign
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Women's Health Magazine | April 2012
Get Fit Tricks Bare Essentials - featuing ToeSox with Grip
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YouBeauty | February 2012
"The chopped off toe pockets preserve your toe-wiggling freedom while the sticky nubs on the soles provide extra stability, making this one our editor’s pick."


Pilates Style Magazine | December 2011
Holiday Gift Guide, featuring Five Toe Sandals
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Tara Burner Blog | October 2011
"I love these yogini sandals.They keep me in alignment while I’m wearing them and I simply feel more alive if that makes sense. Plus my posture and form in my own yoga practice has improved since wearing these as well."

LA YOGA Magazine | October 2011
Pink Ultra Sport ToeSox get featured in Shades of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Month product round up

LA YOGA Magazine | October 2011
Hot Pink ToeSox featured in Kathryn Budig's Teacher Spotlight, Seva in Action
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Fit Bottomed Girls | September 2011
"[Five Toe Sandals] Super supportive and incredibly comfortable, they actually mold to your foot."

Yoga Peach | September 2011
"...they are also perfect to wear when I instruct yoga. They allow me to get into poses right next to students without sliding on the floor."

Gorgeously Green | September 2011
"The solution is to grab a pair of Toesox, which feel quite wonderful and will help you to develop really healthy feet."

Yoga Journal | August 2011
"The solution is to grab a pair of Toesox, which feel quite wonderful and will help you to develop really healthy feet."
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ESPNW - Gear Up | August 2011
"These socks get major eco points"

FitSugar | August 2011
"I felt like I had more grip with Toesox than a hot yoga towel because it was just me gripping into my mat — rather than me trying to stay in one place on the towel, which is trying to stick to my mat."

Alternative Consumer | August 2011
"[Five Toe Sandals] become my go-to indoor flip-flops...My toes feel energized, and my footbed loves the thick sole."

Travel to Wellness | August 2011
"ToeSox are a great aid for strengthening and improving your practice."

Kinetic Vigilantes | July 2011
"The ToeSox with grip gloves and grip socks serve as a built in mat or no-slip towel for your hands and feet. You can throw a set of gloves and socks in a purse or small bag and will have all you need to practice anywhere."

All Thumbs | June 2011
"Like their upper-phalange partners, the Grip Gloves, I give ToeSox a thumbs up."

INC. Magazine | March 2011
Strategy, ToeSox featured in Creating a Killer Newsletter
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"I put them to the test, and here’s the headline: they’ll definitely kick up your routine at least a notch or two."

Pilates Style Magazine | January 2011
Teaser Core, featuring ToeSox Grip Gloves
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Organic Spa Magazine | January 2011
Focus on Fitness, featuring Hot Pink Half ToeSox with Grip
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RunningBecauseICan | January 2011
"After getting beyond the initial weird feeling of having my toes not scrunched together, these socks felt great on a run. In fact, after a mile or so, I didn’t even think about it anymore. Any run that requires less thought – especially as I’m recovering from ITB issues – is a bonus."


TODAY Show Gift Guide | December 2010
"It's better for your feet if you can separate your toes." : Pilates | December 2010
"...ToeSox are my gift tip of the moment. They go in the happy feet category."

Ecofabulous | December 2010
Holiday ToeSox: For the Yogi or Pilates Buff

Guessing All the Way | October 2010
"They feel great on your feet and are great to the planet. So it is a win-win situation"

Greenista | August 2010
"Think of ToeSox as comfy, versatile protective gloves for your feet."

YogiClareBear Blog | July 2010
"I love ToeSox and give the company and the product 5 stars, but for added non-biased evaluation, I sent ToeSox to some instructor friends of mine..."

Peace.Love.Nutrition. Blog | April 2010
"…these socks would be perfect for someone who wants to keep their feet warm during practice, needs help gripping the mats, or during Bikram where you sweat a lot." : Yoga | March 2010
"[ToeSox] are definitely more grippy than bare feet on both wood and carpeted floor so would be a good choice for traveling yogis who like to pack light." | March 2010
"Whether you’re a yogi trying to increase the spread and strength of your toes or a pilates devotee wanting to have more control on the machines, ToeSox are here to free your little twinklers from traditional sock strain, while giving increased balance, thanks to the genius patented non-slip soles…" | January 2010
"If you are looking for a great way to make your yoga workouts (or other workouts) more comfortable and better, then you must check out ToeSox!"

2009 | November 2009
"Relax in them after a long day strutting the streets in the ridiculously high, yet fabuolous heels I know you were rocking at the office today. Seriously, ToeSox are like a martini for your tootsies - and they will probably inspire you to roll out your yoga mat and practice!" | May 2009
"…I have found my sock people- they are having a foot revolution over at ToeSox…In no time, I was loving the toe hugging! It feels good and it actually makes my toes feel more relaxed. My feet stay toasty warm without sweating between my little piggy’s…"

YogiClareBear Blog | April 2009
"They have a sturdy ankle elastic and a “well-built” feeling. The stickies on the bottom were pretty solid and strong. The socks were warm, and fit right in my yoga bag."

London Times Online | April 2009
"…As well as preventing you from sliding about, the five-toe design encourages the independent movement of toes…"

Glam Spirit | January 2009
"… socks specifically designed for barefoot activity. I instantly fell in love. ToeSox’s five-toe design promotes toe strength and flexibility by allowing independent movement of your toes. They also give your toes plenty of wiggle room and are outfitted with non-slip grips on the soles so you don’t slide around. Perfect for yoga, Pilates, dance, and martial arts, liberate your feet, spread your toes, and strike a pose – without slipping!"


NBC Today Show | Holiday Guide with Joy Bauer 2008
ToeSox segment is at minute 3:25

"...a grippy sole and toe-wiggling freedom make ToeSox a perfect gift for anyone on your list who loves barefoot fitness, like Pilates and yoga. ToeSox are five-toe socks with grip bottom soles that fit your feet like a glove. They’ll be especially welcome during the coming winter months, when cold gym floors make workouts a little less comfortable."