Sox for a Cause

At ToeSox, we believe it's important to Walk Your Practice®. We do this by giving back to our community and the causes that resonate with us and our Ambassadors. Here are a couple ways we give back:

Yoga Rocks the Park San Diego

As a sponsor Yoga Rocks the Park, we are proud to support this Sunday summer series that celebrates our community with music, wellness and yoga for the whole family. Portion of ticket sales supports Sean O'Shea Foundation and Kids for Peace.

Soles4Souls / Clothes4Souls

Through our one-for-one campaigns, we have been able to donate nearly 3,000 pair of toe socks and 3,000 pair of Five Toe Sandals to Clothes4Souls, the charity the offers hope with clothing.

Donation Inquiries

ToeSox is dedicated to giving back in support of charities and non-profit organizations in our community and around the world. If you would like to request an in-kind donation to your charitable organization, please complete and submit this Request Form