Wii Fit Socks

ToeSox with Grip are the best Wii Fit Socks:

  • Five toe Wii Fit socks allow toes to align for increased balance
  • Patented non-slip sole provides superior grip on slick surface
  • Hygienic alternative to bare feet

The way of the video game has evolved to get people off the couch and into virtual experiences. With the Wii Fit Balance Board, gamers can balance fun and fitness with yoga, aerobics and strength training. With all of your calorie burning fun, sweating is sure to occur. Prevent the slip (and the dirt and germs) by grabbing a Wii Fit pair of socks. ToeSox with Grip are the ideal Wii Fit socks to protect you and your Balance Board. With an array of colors to choose, you can match your workout (or mood) to your ToeSox Wii Fit pair of socks. Spread your toes for balance, grip your board for safety, and never spread your germs with ToeSox Wii Fit Socks.