Yoga Socks

ToeSox with Grip yoga socks:

  • Patented non-slip sole provides superior grip on slick surface
  • Hygienic alternative to bare feet
  • Five toe design supports natural alignment of foot for better tactile movement and increased circulation
  • Five toe yoga socks allow toes to align for increased balance
  • Travel without a mat; take your practice anywhere
  • Teachers: adjust students, demonstrate poses without slipping in sweat puddles

The idea of yoga is to create balance – mental, emotional, and physical. If you find yourself falling or slipping out of poses, your mind drifts to the frustrations and forgets to stay focused. ToeSox yoga socks, and they can help with your balance.

Moving through a balancing sequence, you may have heard your instructor use the term “yoga toes”. In other words, spread your toes wide so they anchor to the floor/mat helping you find balance with secure footing. If your toes are not used to this form, they may begin to ache. With practice and with yoga toe socks (worn in and out of your yoga class), your feet will gently strengthen and your toes will learn to spread naturally. The five – toe yoga socks help the toes spread while the gripping dots keep them in place. Enjoy the Half-Toe style yoga socks and give your toes a chance to feel their placement for tactile sensitivity.

As you move through your poses, our non slip yoga socks will keep you in place so you don’t fall out of your poses. ToeSox yoga socks will keep you in place so you can focus on your breathe and not on your sliding feet. Your feet will be strong in no time with our yoga socks.

Wear ToeSox yoga socks to class - slip out of your shoes (even flip flops) and head into class without your bare feet ever touching the studio floor. ToeSox yoga socks are great for instructors - walk the class and adjust students, while your bare feet stay clear of sweat puddles and students’ mats.